Big issue with smartshape tool

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Big issue with smartshape tool

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Finale 27/Windows
Hello everyone. I have an urgent problem, when I add elements with the smartshape tool they disappear instantly. I'm attaching my file for you to see. The smartshape elements I had placed work but I can't add new ones.

Here's what happens:

file: ... sp=sharing

In a Facebook group, someone said to me: "
Your problem is funny.... I ended up deleting your score and keeping only the 1st bar (empty). That's where the problem lies. The advanced form (cresc. bellows for example) is in fact an infinite multitude of superimposed cresc. that disappear as soon as you move the score. If we copy and paste this bar into a new score with the filter to keep only the advanced shapes, we find the sign (cresc.) very thick, because it arrived with all its clones. Incomprehensible! I invite you to post your problem on the Finalize group and copy what I've just written to give you a few hints. One thing's for sure, you're "dragging" hidden information into your score."

but they haven't found a solution yet